Meet the skipper: Second generation Mulder at the helm

The four main stages in an all-in-one Mulder Design project:

• Preliminary design: Every project starts with ideas and a wish list which serve as input for a preliminary design supported by layouts, sketches, a mood board and artist’s impressions. We then supply a set of drawings and technical documents to prove the feasibility of the project and sufficient information for a bid package to be sent out to yards.

• Working out final design: Here the project is improved by repeating all the design steps and taking a number of critical decisions. This lays the foundations for the remainder of the design and engineering to come.


• Engineering: The most time-consuming part of the process, focused primarily on preparing construction drawings, system schematics, 3D shapes, 3D constructions, and making the calculations for construction, speed and stability-related subjects. Also includes communication with class and flag authorities.’

• Build supervision: Not to be confused with the project manager role, this stage involves overseeing quality at the yard and ensuring our drawings are followed. The ultimate focus is to achieve the highest degree of safety and comfort.