A family business

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to our studio Mulder Design, which was founded by Frank Mulder in 1979. Bas Mulder joined the company in 2000, and the two have worked in close partnership ever since – along with a first-class team of design specialists, naval architects and engineers.

In addition to the sense of continuity that a family-run business offers, we love the fact that we get to partner with so many different shipyards and owners around the world. Every yard has its own modus operandi, something that has proven hugely inspirational while also providing us with the broadest possible knowledge base.

While holistic design is our forte, we’re equally happy to partner with another exterior design company and provide just the naval architecture for the project, or to style and design a yacht for a yard which already has naval architecture capacity in-house. However you choose to keep us busy, we see our work more as a vocation than an occupation. This is our life and we’re all in it together as a family.

'Our website is a modest attempt to capture the essence of who we are and what we do. But the best way to really get to know us is to meet in person. We’re always up for a conversation about yachts. We would love to welcome you at our office in Holland or let’s meet elsewhere in the world'

All the best,

Frank and Bas Mulder

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