Yacht Design

Creating an exterior design is a matter of intuition as much as anything else. It is crucial to have an intrinsic sense of power and elegance to work in our studio. Our designs are an expression of our thinking on what makes boats look their best, married with a clear awareness of the aesthetic preferences of the client.

Depending on those requirements, a design can be sleek and spectacular, exotically futuristic or resolutely traditional. Each boat tells a different story in terms of features and volume. If an owner is looking for an explorer boat, this will have an obvious impact on the design. If he prefers a luxurious tropical sanctuary, that too can be arranged.

While your tastes are leading, we’ll always ensure that the design is realistic and has a recognisable and distinctive Mulder aesthetic. We believe in the careful shaping of superstructure and masts, making sure we generate a singular flowing shape. The hull is also very important, as is a sense of harmony and balance, ensuring that the optical centre of gravity is right where it needs to be. We ensure that the lines are always graceful, with a recognisable principle tying them together.

naval architecture

Naval architecture

Leveraging on decades of experience in naval architecture, Mulder Design is known for its outstanding hull designs, where hull efficiency and seakeeping capabilities are given top priority. There is no set template for a hull: we tailor our designs and naval architecture to the use to which the boat will be put and the overall concept. It’s not all about speed either – the world is changing and people are seeking larger, more comfortable and more fuel-efficient yachts. Longer ranges and environmental considerations are also increasingly coming to the fore.

The starting point for the naval architecture of a motoryacht is the wishes of the clients and the ways in which they expect to use their new pride and joy. Only with this knowledge to hand can you design the optimal hull and take fully into account the essential positioning of the centre of gravity.

At the initial stage, technique has the highest priority: the construction must be sturdy and sustainable and the vessel needs to be completely safe, have an excellent sailing performance and offer maximum comfort. Only once this is truly assured does the question arise as to how to achieve all of the above at speed. This requires a helicopter view of the entire design process, which is why Mulder Design retains all the calculation work, from weight to resistance, in-house.

Engineering excellence

You can come to Mulder Design for exterior styling based on your hull or for a Mulder Design hull in combination with your styling. Or, best of all, you can call upon us for both at the same time! Whichever aspect of design and naval architecture you request, we can also support you with a full gamut of engineering services, tailored to the specificities of your project.

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