Our thinking

We believe that a custom-designed yacht from our studio must be an accurate reflection of the owner’s personality and lifestyle, while also clearly bearing the signature of Mulder Design. To achieve this, clients are encouraged to be actively involved in the design process, resulting in a Mulder with a personal touch. We have also designed various series lines, the success of which was built on their broad appeal to a specific niche of customers.

Mulder Design is equally at home creating a high-speed powerboat as it is making semi-displacement and full displacement superyachts. We know that people are going to use their yacht to live out a dream, and that can be anything from a season of exploring Alaska to long weekends in the Med with the grandchildren. Our task is to translate these plans and thoughts into a design that makes both us and the owners proud.

Our approach is to focus on the big picture, methodically and repeatedly going through every element of the process. Each part is as important as the other and everything is interconnected – from a great-looking exterior style to the performance, seakeeping and engineering. We start with an empty piece of paper and end with a yacht that is splendid in every respect.