Yacht Design

Creating an exterior design is a matter of intuition as much as anything else. It is crucial to have an intrinsic sense of power and elegance to work in our studio. Our designs are an expression of our thinking on what makes boats look their best, married with a clear awareness of the aesthetic preferences of the client.

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Depending on those requirements, a design can be sleek and spectacular, exotically futuristic or resolutely traditional. Each boat tells a different story in terms of features and volume. If an owner is looking for an explorer boat, this will have an obvious impact on the design. If he prefers a luxurious tropical sanctuary, that too can be arranged.

While your tastes are leading, we’ll always ensure that the design is realistic and has a recognisable and distinctive Mulder aesthetic. We believe in the careful shaping of superstructure and masts, making sure we generate a singular flowing shape. The hull is also very important, as is a sense of harmony and balance, ensuring that the optical centre of gravity is right where it needs to be. We ensure that the lines are always graceful, with a recognisable principle tying them together.

Timelessness is important too, so your yacht will have an elegant profile that will stand the test of time and fashion, even if it is ultimately recognisable as belonging to a certain era. There is a constant evolution in design. Don’t try to be too modern: modern seldom keeps and the iconic can quickly become the classic. What we care about is that a yacht still look fresh and pristine ten years after the launch.

  • Concept design
  • Exterior styling and detailing
  • Exterior and interior Layout
  • Mood board, Artistic impressions and visuals
  • General arrangement and profile plans
  • 3D Exterior design
  • Outline specifications
  • Basic calculations and predictions of performance
  • Technical specifications

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