Yacht Design Mulder

Proven in practice…

Four main stages can be identified in a successful all-in-one Mulder Design project:


Stage 1: Preliminary design

Every project starts with ideas and a wish list, which then serves as input for a preliminary design supported by layouts, sketches, a mood board and artist’s impressions. At the end of this stage we supply a set of drawings and technical documents to prove the feasibility of the project and sufficient information for a bid package to be sent out to a selection of shipyards.


Stage 2: Working out the final design

In this stage the project is improved by repeating all the design steps and taking a number of critical decisions. This is where the foundations are laid for the remainder of the design and engineering to come in stage 3 and during the build process itself.


Stage 3: Engineering

The engineering stage is the most time-consuming part of the process, focused primarily on the preparation of construction drawings, system schematics, 3D shapes, 3D constructions, and the calculations for construction, speed and stability-related subjects.  We also take care of the communication with class and flag authorities and, of course, the shipyard chosen to build the yacht.


Stage 4: Build supervision

During the build process, we visit the shipyard on a regular basis to inspect the work which is underway and assist the construction teams where necessary. Our focus is on achieving the highest degree of safety and comfort, and the consummate pleasure that is such an important part of the finished yacht for the owners. The launch day brings an end to one part of the journey… And begins a new one for our clients.