Naval architecture and yacht design

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Yacht name:

70m Sestante (P1202)

Designer: Mulder Design
Interior Designer: To be decided
Naval Architect: Mulder Design
Shipyard: Baglietto
LOA: 70.02m
LWL: 64.37m
Max Speed: +25 knots
Cruise Speed:
Range: 6500 miles @ 12 knots
Hull superstructure:

This 70m vessel is powered by innovative technology.
The design process resulted in a strong and powerful design, matching the performance of the vessel.

Notable features:
-    Pool on the upper deck;
-    Spacious owners stateroom with private outside deck including private Jacuzzi;
-    2 VIP cabins with own balcony.

Naval Architecture
The most important part of the yacht is the hull. The shape defines important characteristics regarding stability, sea-keeping and efficiency in various speed and loading conditions.
The Mulder Design High Speed Cruising Hull for this project was developed to provide a comfortable ride at substantially higher speed than yachts with a conventional hull. Hull resistance was reduced over a large speed range, without the loss of onboard comfort. From high speed cruising in excess of 20 knots to long range cruising at 12 knots the flow of the water along the hull was studied and optimized by using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and confirmed by model tests.
By doing so we found a near perfect combination of hull shape, bulbous bow and transom immersion.
Further improvement of fuel efficiency can be obtained by using the optional Voith VLJ propulsion, improving high speed efficiency without being penalized at long range 12 knots speed.
For extreme quiet and fuel efficient operation the yacht can be delivered as a hybrid. Speed up to12 knots can be achieved under full diesel-electric propulsion extending the yacht's range in excess of 10,000 nautical miles.
This diesel-electric option can be equipped with controllable pitch propellers for further improved efficiency and the option to install dynamic positioning.

Comfort on board is maintained by standard roll stabilizers, but can be further improved using pitch stabilizing, a feature never seen on yachts before. Pitch reduction of up-to 40% combined with roll stabilization provides true ride-control and makes it possible to cruise at high speed in comfort.