Naval architecture and yacht design

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Yacht name:

115m yacht (C1501)

Designer: Mulder Design, the Netherlands
Interior Designer: To be decided
Naval Architect: Mulder Design, the Netherlands
Shipyard: To be decided
LOA: 115.00m / 377”4’
LWL: 105.30m / 345”5’
Max Speed:
Cruise Speed:
Hull superstructure:

The original brief for this concept was to draw a modern  and elegant  115-metre displacement  motoryacht. There  were two  key layout elements  that  were established   from   the  outset  and obviously had a profound impact on the rest of the design. The yacht was to have its  own  heli-platform  on  the  forward deck, with a dedicated helicopter garage below. At the other end of the yacht would be a spacious beach lounge at the stern, and this resulted in a huge area measuring 18 by 8 metres, flooded by natural light from the skylight at the bottom of the swimming pool above. These and many other cutting edge features were all to be incorporated inside and out within a calm and serene environment where relaxation is assured.

Design development
The inspiration behind the design is the further evolution of Mulder Design’s renowned signature in a modern jacket. It features a powerful forward-leaning profile that looks genuinely striking from every angle. This style was developed after the volume had been determined in order to ensure an ideal overall relationship between these two crucial factors.

The complete package
One of the defining characteristics of Mulder Design as a company is its ability to offer a total package of design and naval architecture. Once the lines, shaping  and core layout of the 115m Design Concept are finalized, the Mulder Design team begins examining many other aspects that make this yacht seriously special, including weight savings, the development of her highly impressive hull, and the efficiency and optimisation of her overall performance.

“Our approach is not to focus solely on one part of the design but to step back and take a helicopter view of the total picture,” explains Frank Mulder, who has been at the helm of his company since 1979. “Leveraging on our decades of experience we have moved beyond the thought that one part of a superyacht concept should be excellent while the rest is part of that. Instead we go through every aspect of the entire process over and over again until we are sure that the resulting design is excellent in every way.”

“There is a clear desire among owners for more energy-efficient yachts, “adds Mulder. “In our latest designs we have worked very hard on ensuring that the twin pillars of speed and comfort could be aligned with an impressive degree of efficiency when cruising long distances. The evolution of our high speed cruising hull design can be combined with hybrid technology to optimise performance in every way.”