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Naval architecture and yacht design

Apr 21, 2016

Project update 69m Spectre

April 2016


The hull of mega yacht Spectre is currently under construction at the Benetti shipyard, Italy.

On this photo you can see the excellent friction-stir welding of the superstructure decks for minimal distorsion.


Frank Mulder during his visit at Benetti shipyard, Italy





She's a high-speed cruising yacht. In relation to a full displacement yacht, she feels the same and the materials are the same, but she'll have a top speed of 21.5 knots and a cruising speed of 20." In this nascent era of practicality before performance, this represents an intriguing proposition. In addition to the impressive speed specs, we predict very low noise and vibration levels. "She has all the goodies of a steel displacement yacht with the exception of the speed limit." This technologically advanced vessel will be on the water within two years.

Click here to see the latest renderings of Spectre.